Friday, 22 January 2010

Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk

Following last Friday's noodle-frazzling clip of multiple C3P0s and Darth Vaders having some kind of nightmarish eurodisco wig-out, the worlds of Star Wars and Disco have been colliding before my eyes and ears like something from, well, When Worlds Collide, only with more slap-bass and less destruction of Earth.

Now many of you probably know exactly where the music came from and, seeing exactly where this post is heading, are right now popping off to read real movie blogs like UltraCulture or SlashFilm, and frankly I don't blame you. But for the uninitiated idiots, in which I include The Incredible Suit, the music you heard (assuming you bothered to play the clip) was from this album:

I don't know what those two are up to on the cover but one of them is certainly feeling a presence in the force.

Anyway this chap Meco was also responsible for this, which is well worth turning your speakers up for:

He also did the funky disco business with Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Star Trek and Superman, but they're not very good I'm afraid. Look for them on YouTube if you want but you'll only be disappointed. Better to leave The Empire Strikes Back tune in your head and not spoil it.

If anyone has a vinyl copy of 'Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk' lying about the house that they don't listen to any more, please wrap it up carefully and pop it in the post addressed to:

The Incredible Suit
c/o The Interwebs


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  1. As a folically challenged gentleman I find your use of the phrase "wig-out" in very poor taste.

  2. Believe it or not, I actually do have a vinyl copy of Star Wars and other galactic funk, but there is no way on earth I would ever part with it.

    Just thought I would share that.

  3. Ghandi: Shut it, skinny.

    Ohnob: What you give with one hand you take away with the other. Oh no sorry, you take away with both. btw I love horses too.