Monday 18 January 2010

The Box

I finally got round to seeing The Box the other day, at the Odeon Mezzanine in Leicester Square, where the screens are approximately the size of a sock drawer. If I’d waited a couple of months longer I could have rented it and watched it in my own sock drawer, but it’s nice to get out every now and again isn’t it?

So you know when you get up, eat breakfast, go to work, do the same old routine that you do day in, day out, but then at lunchtime everyone explodes and the office launches itself to a distant galaxy and the photocopier becomes the supreme being? Well that’s what The Box is like. It starts off as an unassuming 1970s-set drama, and trundles along like that for about 20 minutes, then it gets a little bit weird, then with very little warning it goes so absolutely crazy mental bonkers that you could give it a job at the RAC, stick it on BBC News and call it Crackers Patel.

Now I quite like it when a film pulls the rug from under your feet like that, and my interest levels peaked when I realised I was going to see something I most certainly wasn’t expecting. I won’t tell you what it is but if you look hard enough I'm sure you could find out.
However I also quite like my weirdness to make some vague kind of sense, and for events to connect with each other in a way my tiny brain can follow, which is a) why I can’t be doing with David Lynch and b) why I ended up not liking The Box.

Director Richard Kelly cooked up a devilishly delicious dinner with Donnie Darko, but shat in the custard with Southland Tales. Now, with The Box, he’s filled the apple pie with pencils, and that’s just stupid. Marks for originality I suppose, and I look forward to the next serving, but I’ll be taking a packet of biscuits with me just in case.

In retrospect that was an ill-advised extended metaphor, but I’ve written it now and I can’t just delete it can I?

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  1. I will never forgive Lynch for Mullholland Drive. Closest I've come to walking out of a cinema after that tat with Cruise and Kidman and pervs in cloaks.

    Did you find yourself drawn to Nixon's disappearing face in the Box? It was all I could focus on in the trailers as the story wasn't that enticing, not a good sign.

    I have a totally unrelated Box question, Steve Martin's face. Now I declare a vested dislike of the guy anyway but is his facer getting even weirder????? He's turning Chinese. Or his eyes are disappearing into his face, or something. Very distracting. I went rogue this weekend and was dragged to see a "chick flick" - Its Complicated. The impression of Alec Baldwin's strange naked body is still burned into my retina...still the film wasn't that bad really, or at least better than expected. John Krasinksi stole the film's best lines though. Even so,I had to balance out the ying with the yang of The Road last night. Brightened up my evening no end. Viggo's arse is a lot nicer than Alec's anyway and all his tattoos have gone, so he's obviously not really a Russian thug, how disappointing, I do like a man who wrestles in the nude. Anyway, I digress. Steve Martin's face, weird or wot??? Discuss.

    Ms So So Jeans

  2. Steve Martin's face = Definitely weird. I may even write a blog post about it. Keep those ideas coming!

  3. Crackers Patel for Prime Minister!

  4. Here's a blog post idea for you - that Donnie Darko could well have been the biggest fluke in cinematic history, just ahead of Michael Bay being able to make the first Transformers film immensely watchable.
    I haven't seen Donnie Darko, but my oh my Southland Tales is just the biggest steaming pile ever. So did Mr Kelly just get lucky? I haven't seen The Box, but it certainly sounds like he managed to pull Donnie Darko out of his arse but all that's left up there is shite.

  5. Doc, interesting theory. I'm prepared to give Kelly one more chance, but if he buggers that up I'm pushing the button on his box!

    That doesn't make any sense does it?