Friday, 29 January 2010

Pigeon Impossible / Alma

Pixar films are great, I think we can all agree on that. If we can't then it's no wonder there's so much war and violence in the world. CGI animated films by other studios, however, are less good. Dreamworks' Shrek and Shrek 2 are fine, but Madagascar? Happy Feet? Ice Age? They're like Tesco's Frosted Flakes to Pixar's Frosties.

I don't know why this is. There are obscenely skilled animators out there making great short films that could be employed by someone other than Pixar. I don't know, maybe they'll only work for Pixar and would rather live in a hovel eating Tesco Frosted Flakes than work for anyone else.

Man, I'm hungry.

Anyway. To illustrate my point, here's Pigeon: Impossible, a short made by the freakishly talented Lucas Martell. It's so Pixary it could have a cameo by John Ratzenberger, especially with its The Incredibles-esque music. It took Martell five years to make, so you'd better appreciate it.

Whereas Pigeon: Impossible could happily park itself before a feature-length "kids' film" like Toy Story or Up, Alma is a different teapot of turbot altogether. It's brilliant, beautiful and, well, I won't tell you what else it is. Watch it a second time knowing what you know and it's a completely different experience.

Alma was made by Spanish animator Rodrigo Blaas, which is probably the best name of anyone ever.

There are loads more great shorts like this out there being made by people who aren't Pixar or Dreamworks. The Incredible Suit supports them in their efforts (as long as they're good, no timewasters please) and wishes them well in the future. Seek them out why don't you, there's nothing else to do on a miserable Friday afternoon except watch Diagnosis Murder. Amanda's boyfriend Ron did it.

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  1. I can't believe no one has commented on these quality shorts you've put up, so I thought I'd better. The doll one is just plain spooky, I always knew dolls were evil. I'm about to go and wake May to tell her she can never have one

  2. a post script to my last message, for those that don't know me May is my daughter. She says "thanks Rodrigo"

  3. well thanks to you for recognising the quality, but May wants to be thanking The Incredible Suit before Rodrigo. Sort that kid out sharpish.