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I don't just write award-losing waffle for The Incredible Suit: why not have a look at some other things I wrote for proper filmy people? In fact if you are a proper website, newspaper, magazine or just someone prepared to pay cold hard pounds for carefully sculpted sentences about filmy type stuff, email me. I'm sure I'd love to.

Empire Magazine
Only God Forgives DVD Review
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers DVD Review
Hyena Set Visit
Fleming Preview
Hans Zimmer Interview
Philomena DVD Review
Out Of Africa DVD Review
Oscars 2014 Game
Mr Sloane Preview
Penny Dreadful Preview
The LEGO Movie DVD Review
Michael Giacchino Interview
The Raid 2 DVD Review
Babylon Preview
Goldfinger DVD Review
The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari DVD Review
Shivers DVD Review
Hans Zimmer Revealed And Friends Review
Serena DVD Review
Toy Soldiers DVD Review
The Rewrite DVD Review
Spying By Numbers: A Guide to the Double-0 Section
Which James Bond Are You? Flowchart
Shout At The Devil DVD Review
The Empire Masterpiece: The 39 Steps
Force Majeure DVD Review
Which Acronymous Agency Do You Belong To? Flowchart
Hyena DVD Review
Which Movie Twin Are You? Flowchart
On set of Spectre: Mexico City
Bond By The Numbers
James Bond Cocktails
Ben Whishaw Interview
Rory Kinnear Interview
The Tribe DVD Review
Half Nelson DVD Review
The Cannonball Run DVD Review
Spies vs Spies: Comparing 2015's Espionage Flicks
45 Years DVD Review
The Intern DVD Review
Hotel Transylvania 2 DVD Review
Sunset Song DVD Review
I Am Wrath DVD Review
Go With Me DVD Review
La La Land preview with Ryan Gosling
How Much Is A Pint Of Milk?: Pierce Brosnan
The Empire Masterpiece: Taxi Driver
Are You A Replicant? Flowchart
Filmworker DVD Review
Widows DVD Review
The Ranking: James Bond Films
The Last Temptation Of Christ DVD Review
The Empire Masterpiece: Grosse Pointe Blank 

Empire Online


Virgin Movies
The strangest movie doctors

The Shiznit

Virgin TV
Red Dwarf XI Filming Report

Clothes On Film


Digital Spy

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