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I don't just write award-losing waffle for The Incredible Suit: why not have a look at some other things I wrote for proper filmy people? In fact if you are a proper website, newspaper, magazine or just someone prepared to pay cold hard pounds for carefully sculpted sentences about filmy type stuff, get in touch! I'm sure I'd love to.

Empire Magazine
Only God Forgives DVD Review
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers DVD Review
Hyena Set Visit
Fleming Preview
Hans Zimmer Interview
Philomena DVD Review
Out Of Africa DVD Review
Oscars 2014 Game
Mr Sloane Preview
Penny Dreadful Preview
The LEGO Movie DVD Review
Michael Giacchino Interview
The Raid 2 DVD Review
Babylon Preview
Goldfinger DVD Review
The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari DVD Review
Shivers DVD Review
Hans Zimmer Revealed And Friends Review
Serena DVD Review
Toy Soldiers DVD Review
The Rewrite DVD Review
Spying By Numbers: A Guide to the Double-0 Section
Which James Bond Are You? Flowchart
Shout At The Devil DVD Review
The Empire Masterpiece: The 39 Steps
Force Majeure DVD Review
Which Acronymous Agency Do You Belong To? Flowchart
Hyena DVD Review
Which Movie Twin Are You? Flowchart
On set of Spectre: Mexico City
Bond By The Numbers
James Bond Cocktails
Ben Whishaw Interview
Rory Kinnear Interview
The Tribe DVD Review
Half Nelson DVD Review
The Cannonball Run DVD Review
Spies vs Spies: Comparing 2015's Espionage Flicks
45 Years DVD Review
The Intern DVD Review
Hotel Transylvania 2 DVD Review
Sunset Song DVD Review
I Am Wrath DVD Review
Go With Me DVD Review
La La Land preview with Ryan Gosling
How Much Is A Pint Of Milk?: Pierce Brosnan
The Empire Masterpiece: Taxi Driver
Are You A Replicant? Flowchart
Filmworker DVD Review
Widows DVD Review
The Ranking: James Bond Films
The Last Temptation Of Christ DVD Review
The Empire Masterpiece: Grosse Pointe Blank 
The Ranking: Alfred Hitchcock Films
North Sea Hijack DVD Review
Bond Supplement: Blofeld Celebration
The Oscars 2020 Bingo
Scorsese Shorts DVD Review
Buster Keaton Vol 3 (Masters Of Cinema) DVD Review
The Irishman DVD Review
The Man Who Haunted Himself DVD Review
The Ranking: Stanley Kubrick Films
Primer / Upstream Color DVD Review
The Story Of The Shot: Steamboat Bill, Jr
The Empire Masterpiece: Strangers On A Train
My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock Review

Empire Online

I Saw The Devil Review
Skyfall Review
Song For Marion Review
Elysium Review
Pieta Review
Closed Circuit Review
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared Review
The Rover Review

Virgin Movies
The Top 20 Movie Jerks
The Top 20 Memorable Movie Teachers
The 20 Coolest Movie Robots
20 Amazing Actor Transformations
The Movie Guide To Going On Holiday
Is Brett Ratner Right For The Oscars?
Movie Editor's TV Picks (w/c August 6th 2011)
Where Are They Now?: Police Academy
Hollywood's Highest Paid Actors Of 2011
Why Die Hard 5 Is A Bad Idea
Friends With Benefits Review
The Top 10 Movie Stunts
The Movie Guide To Avoiding A Plague
Where Are They Now?: Footloose
The Ten Coolest Movie Cocktails
The Movie Guide To Surviving Christmas
Five Reasons You Must See The Artist
The Movie Guide To Babysitting
Why found footage films refuse to get lost
The Movie Guide To Loving The Single Life  
Curse of the Red Planet: Why audiences don't want to go to Mars
The Most Luxurious Movie Beards
Top 10 Movie Anti-heroes
The Enduring Appeal of Christopher Lee
The Ten Best Movie Royals
From Microphone to Megaphone: When Musicians Direct
The Movie Guide To Being A Rock Star
The Evolution Of Batman
The Complete A-Z of Batman
Movie sports that should be in the Olympics
Kelly Brook: A Career In Film
The Most Iconic Movie Helmets
Why I Love James Bond
The Complete Guide To The Bond Universe
20 Things You Never Knew About James Bond
Why The Shining is still the scariest movie ever made
2013 Oscars Preview
Guide to Stan Lee's Marvel cameos 
Movie Predictions for 2013 
The Ten Coolest Tarantino Moments 
Groundhog Day: 20 Years Of Repeated Bliss
The Explainer Explains: Alfred Hitchcock
The Explainer Explains: Terrence Malick
The Explainer Explains: Steven Soderbergh
The Explainer Explains: Danny Boyle
The Birds: Still Flying High At 50
The Explainer Explains: Harmony Korine
An Interview With King Kong
The Explainer Explains: Shane Black
101 Facts About The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Best of Barry: The complete history of Todd Phillips' weird cameos
When bad actors make unexpectedly good movies
The lost art of the movie spoof
Plot suggestions for the next five Die Hards
Why musicians and movies don't mix
The Explainer explains: Ben Wheatley
100 Mindblowing Pixar Easter Eggs
The World's End Review
Only God Forgives Review
Movie characters who prefer to stay silent
20 needless remakes coming soon
Ten signs you're watching a Richard Curtis movie
Deja view: Actors who can't help repeating themselves
After the sky falls: What to expect from Bond 24
The Explainer expains: Woody Allen
Oscar 2014 predictions
The A-Z of Will Smith
The Top 10 Space Travel Movies
Saving Mr Banks Review
2013: The Year In Review
Jack Ryan face-off
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review
Godzilla (2014) Review
X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review
22 Jump Street Review
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Review
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Review
What do you do when you're Brad Pitt?
Nightcrawler Review
Interstellar Review
2001 A Space Odyssey: The Legacy
2014: the Year In Review
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance) Review
Ex Machina Review
It Follows Review
Run All Night Review
Tomorrowland: A World Beyond Review
Terminator: Genisys Review
Ten Most Misleading Trailers
24 more facts you didn't know about James Bond
Shaken, stirred and occasionally muddled: the booze of Bond
The 9 weirdest Bond posters in existence
A brief history of Bond music
Spectre Review
2015: The Year In Review
Triple 9 Review
Hail, Caesar! Review
The Explainer Explains: Charlie Kaufman
Eddie The Eagle Review
Five spectacular long takes in cinema
11 movie characters who don’t remotely resemble their literary counterparts
The strangest movie doctors
10 potential Star Wars spinoffs
The movie guide to surviving on a train
Lethal Weapon at 30: Where are they now?
Life after Bond: The best and worst of the former 007s
6 ways to survive a Scorsese movie

The Shiznit

Virgin TV
Red Dwarf XI Filming Report

Clothes On Film


Digital Spy

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