Hello. I'm Neil Alcock and this is The Incredible Suit, the blog they're all calling "The Incredible Suit". Please forward all compliments, complaints and offers of freebies to me here.

The blog winked into existence on June 24th 2009, and until August 1st 2010 it looked a bit like this:
Then, until January 6th 2014, it looked a bit like this:
In early 2011, The Incredible Suit came second in Sky Movies' Blog Of The Year competition, which is better than third or fourth.

On January 18th 2013 I brutally slaughtered The Incredible Suit and left its corpse to rot at the side of the internet. Details of the crime can be found here. For the following year I redirected my bilious waffle to The Shiznit instead. Almost a year later, on January 6th 2014, I returned to the side of the internet under cover of darkness, collected the blog's rotting corpse and reanimated it because The Shiznit didn't like what I had to say about Pacific Rim.

The Incredible Suit has been visited by literally some people, a few of whom even came back. Here are some nice things they said to prove that I'm not making it up:

“Most entertaining (except for the article dissing our Tom Cruise feature)”
- Empire Magazine

“Excellent movie blog”
BBC Entertainment

"Incredible? It deserves 127!"
- Robbie Collin, News Of The World

“If you like films, you might like this”
- Popbitch

“I love the way The Incredible Suit is a blog about movies by a man”
- Joe Cornish, Director of Attack The Block

"I love The Incredible Suit so much that I actually have serious pain in my kidneys and blood is coming out"
David Arnold, Film Score Composer

“Hilarious, incisive... almost as good as Ultra Culture”
- Ultra Culture

“The Incredible Suit is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!!”
- Neil Brand, Silent Film Accompanist

 “I love The Incredible Suit. Been laughing my breeches off”
- Clothes On Film

“Rather good movie website”
Venue Magazine

 “Crazed, convention-defying film blogger”
Simon Kinnear, Total Film

“If you have a thing for movies then you’re gonna love this blog”
South African Sunday Times

“The Incredible Suit is my morning cackle”
– Rona Conti, mother of Crazy Legs Conti, star of Zen And The Art Of Competitive Eating