Monday, 25 January 2010

Uninformative Film Poster Of The Week

Pop quiz, hotshots:

What’s this film about?

Is it:

a) A long-deceased rugby coach whose ghost returns to help Matt Damon win the Rugby World Cup single-handed
b) The President of the USA decides to start wearing suits with pictures of sporting heroes printed on the back
or c) Nelson Mandela fights apartheid with the aid of a man with too many teeth and funny shaped balls?

To find out, tune into the Oscars on March 7th when it wins the award for Worthiest Film About Worthiest Subject Starring Worthiest Actor Directed By Worthy Hollywood Royalty.

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  1. HaHa very funny about the poster. Invitus "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my sole" is very well crafted by Clint Eastwood who has applied Hollywood magic dust to the politics of South African sport to produce a film that is engaging and uplifting if not perhaps exactly accurate. If you like Hollywood formulaic slush then this is the film for you. An interest in rugby is not required and may be a disadvantage to anyone thinking they were going to see a sports film.

  2. I've got tickets to see this on Sunday. You mean I'm not going to see Obama get his thighs out, holding his funny balls? Damn, that's my weekend ruined.

    Read an article about this film this weekend. The book's author has met the lovely Morgan and Nelson and got the thumbs up from both. The author also said there was an awful lot of blubbing in the audience during the first viewings in SA and that made Clint a happy man.

  3. I'd like to place a bet that it also wins Best Supporting as it's the first "proper" film Matt Damon has done.

    They should have an award for best accent as i think Damon in this could give the Boston accent of Mel "the edge of darkness" Gibson a run for his money! can we start a poll of accent of the year?

  4. What is it about? Listerine for white teeth, an equal opportunity mouthwash.