Thursday, 7 January 2010

Matt Damon Broke My Legs

Here's a picture of the 'subscribers only' cover of this month's Empire Magazine:

Apart from the obvious fact that it looks exactly like a migraine, I would like to draw your attention to the wording at the bottom:

Let me tell you viewers, not only is this magazine completely invisible in the dark, but if you roll up two copies, strap them to your head and attempt to cross a busy road at night you will get run over.

So I would like Empire to explain exactly what is meant by 'Night Vision Cover', because I now have some quite large hospital bills to pay for.

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  1. Perhaps the idea is that if you stare really hard at the cover for 10 minutes and then close your eyes and turn out the lights, you will have the hulk-green, ghostbuster's green etched onto your eye lids forever, in the form of Mr Damon?

    Ms So So Jeans