Thursday 28 January 2010

Up In The Air

If you're looking for reviews of Up In The Air and have several months in which to read them, you're in luck because every bugger out there has used up petabytes of text writing about this whimsical bit of flim flam. Empire cracked off no less than 1,255 words about it, festooning it with red stars like it was some kind of Communist headquarters, while even the usually blissfully concise Ultra Culture managed to stretch its review out to nearly 500 words.

Up In The Air isn't bad as such, quite enjoyable in fact, but in no way is it exceptional, extraordinary or otherwise notable. The acting is good but that's to be expected rather than applauded. George Clooney's character is interesting but ultimately watered down by the film's cheesy message. It's a solid 6 out of 10 film.

Here are the two most interesting things I could find to say about Up In The Air:
  • It features the least sexy phone-text-sex scene ever. I get more erotic text messages from Orange telling me how many free minutes I've got this month than George Clooney does from Vera Farmiga. She should have just texted him anagrams of her name, there must be something saucy there.
  • The aforementioned Ms Farmiga has been subjected to the most obvious replacement-by-naked-body-double since Tobey Maguire:

So there you have it. Go and see it by all means, but Jesus, no need to go on about it.

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