Thursday 14 January 2010

It's 'Trailers For Inevitably Bad Films' Thursday

Here’s a turnup for the books: Obi Wan Kenobi writing James Bond’s autobiography!

Warning: contains French subtitles, one F-bomb and

I hope (but seriously doubt) the film is better than the book, which was both ridiculously awful and awfully ridiculous.

Also, the book was just called ‘The Ghost’. Presumably we’re too stupid to realise it’s not about actual ghosts so Hollywood has kindly renamed it for us, thereby obliterating its only redeeming crumb of subtlety.

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  1. Excellent! I loved that book. There was no ridiculous or awful about it, what are you talking about, Suit? They have Hollywoodised it to flip but it's got Ewan McGregor in the bath so I'll let them off.

  2. Your warning should have read "Caution: Contains Ewan Bleeding McGregor. But then everything does"

  3. Hmm. Two interesting opposing views on the McGregs there. But which is the best? There's only one way to settle this...

    I shook his hand once you know.

  4. Ewan in the bath is the correct one of course.
    Never read the book but that is a really crap trailor, can the film be worse than that with all those good actors?

    Was his hand warm or sweaty?

    Ms SoSo Jeans

  5. His hand was warm, it was his lightsabre hand. He had just been interviewed by David "Sir David" Frost and was very excited to have also just met Moira Stuart.

    I wonder if he's blogging about how he once shook The Incredible Suit's hand?