Friday 8 January 2010

The Greatest Films Of 2009. FACT.

So here it is. I'm well aware it's a bit late for this kind of thing thank you very much so stop going on about it. The thing is, right, there's no point doing it in the middle of December before I'd seen everything, so I've left it till now in the hope that I'd been able to catch up. As it turns out I've failed miserably on that front, and many other fronts in fact, so you'll have to make do. Like we did in The Blitz, remember?



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If you know your movie onions (or, in this case, Swedes), you don’t need me to tell you how great Let The Right One In is. But if your onion and/or swede knowledge is deficient, let me tell you how great Let The Right One In is.

I hope that's clear enough.

Let The Right One In’s crowning achievement is to take two genres that I have pretty much no time for – Movies About Kids That Aren’t The Goonies or The School Of Rock, and Movies About Vampires – and glue them together with some achingly beautiful cinematography and skilful economy of storytelling to make a downright draculaspectacular film.

I won’t bang on about it too much because in all honesty I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m writing about it so long after it came out, and you’re all like, “er, HELLO, we KNOW, this is why we prefer PROPER film websites to The Incredible Suit you LOSER”, but I would just like to point out one last thing that makes Let The Right One In so very, very great, and it is that the swimming pool scene at the end is probably the finest five minutes of cinema I saw this year. And that includes the Owl Ship saucytime scene in Watchmen, although I may have to go and re-watch that to be certain.

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