Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Two Legends Of The Movie World Finally Meet

Just so there's no confusion, that's Mrs James Bond. As you can imagine, she was delighted to meet The Incredible Suit and, as a 71-year-old Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, had no problem with me thrusting a 40-year-old photo of her in her skimpies under her nose.

God bless you your Dameness!

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  1. 1) shirley you mean the late Mrs Bond?

    2) Clive zzz Owen? Clive shouldabeenBond Owen? That man is hot to trot, and there isn't that many of them amongst all that Orlandos and Zacs. And he can act, what more do you want man?

    Ms SoSo Jeans

  2. Sorry SSJ. If Zzzzz had been cast as Bond I would have burned my Daniel Craig Speedos. I can't comment on his 'heat' but he is as boring as a 1255 word review of Up In The Air.

  3. Well if we are going to argue about Bonds then I'm all for luscious Daniel in his trunks (although he was a little too muscle bound to start with) but Clive is/was a contender. Would like to point I do not judge using just my lust glands solely, but it is undeniably a factor. The fact both actors can speak coherently about their work certainly helps. Sean, the best Bond, blows all that apart of course. Am I the only film buff who is influenced by what an actor is like in real life? Girl thing?

    I'd really like A Single Man to be crap because I dislike Gucci and the whole label world, which means I dislike Tom Ford directing things, but Colin Firth is great and it sounds like the film is great. Watching films is a moral minefield! That is probably just me though. Off to see Let the Right One In, moral mode off.