Wednesday 23 June 2010

The Incredible Suit Is Nearly...

Tomorrow The Incredible Suit celebrates its first birthday. Hooray!

The entire team are currently working on a massive overhaul and redesign of the site, which is to say that I am looking for a different Blogger template, and to be honest it should have been done by now but I was distracted by some pictures of kittens looking bedraggled, or whatever was popular on the internet that day.

Can it really be a year since I forced The Incredible Suit on the world with this rambling nonsense in which I abused Abraham Lincoln, and then followed it up with a dangerously high word-to-picture ratio review of Chicago? Yes, it can. It clearly says the date on top of the post so it's pretty undeniable.

Anyway a lot has happened since then, and in a staggering act of monumental vanity I thought you might like to celebrate with me by remembering some of the less cabbagey posts gone by. In fact, I'm going to bring back the poll that nobody looked at in those first desolate months so you can vote on which of these five efforts was your favourite:
There's a votey thing over there on the right, use it or lose it.

To wish The Incredible Suit a Happy Birthday or guess which actual real movie director actually really spoke to me, click here



  1. Is it Danny Boyle? I think it's Danny Boyle.

  2. It might be Danny Boyle. But in all honesty it probably isn't.

  3. Happy birthday, you British person, you.

    Is it Quentin Tarantino?

  4. Happy Birthday Incredible suit Sir!
    Is it Tim Burton?

  5. Thanks youse guys! And no. And no again. But it warms the cockles of my heart that you think those people would talk to me. Which is no diss to the mystery director, alright Mystery Director?