Friday 25 June 2010

The Joe Cornish Interview In Quotes

The Incredible Suit treated itself to a glass or two of bubbles last night to celebrate one year of movie babble, so you'll forgive me if today's post is a) not very good and b) sickeningly self-congratulatory. Note that when I say "you'll forgive me" it's a statement rather than a question.

Here is but a tiny sample of some of the lovely things that some people said over the Twitterwaves yesterday:

Then this appeared on

Now I obviously have no problem with being described as "stylish", and I am in 100% agreement that the interview was "idiotic", but "no hard information"? Let me just recap some of the COLD HARD FACTS imparted by Mr Cornish:
  • "Every British citizen is allowed to direct one film each during their lifetime. It’s like Jury service. You get notified by post." FACT.
  • "[Attack The Block is] not a stage production, it’s a film." FACT.
  • "Dennis Quaid is currently using my dreams to get to the bottom of some kind of global dream-warfare conspiracy." UNLIKELY BUT STILL A POSSIBLE FACT.
And last but not in any imaginable way least:
  • "I enjoy your blog a lot. It’s funny." BEST FACT EVER. FACT.
If that's not 'hard information' I don't know what is. I bet Paxman wouldn't be able to extract those exclusive nuggets from Joe Cornish's brainsafe.

Anyway, I'm not one to bear a grudge. is a splendid website and long may it last. In the meantime the sun's shining, the birds are singing and my head's throbbing like Meg White's kick drum so I'm off for a lie down.

Happy weekendings!

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  1. I think your blog contains an abundance of facts. It's a fact factory.

  2. The Incredible Suit, incredible though it is in so many ways, clearly has no qualities as a flak jacket. This leaves the wearer in fear of the mildest of negative comments that are feather blows compared with the red hot venom that the Suit can send without mercy to the heart of a chosen target.

    Clearly The Incredible Suit is taking charge of its wearer much as the ventriloquist's dummy Fats took over the personality of its operator Corky played by Anthony Hopkins in the film 'Magic' 1978. The Incredible Suit's wearer has allowed it to answer adverse comments by comparing itself to Paxman and claim that a quirky interview with a largely unknown person, whose existence had to be explained by way of introduction, can trump the live TV royal, presidential and A list celebrity efforts of Paxman, the master of the craft. What inflated ridiculous delusions of grandeur.

    After a year of continuous use it is time to take off the suit and have it patched and cleaned. Take a break and a breath of fresh air before putting it back on. Better still burn it if you cannot avoid its insidious worming into your brain.

  3. TheUnwashedMass, thanks.
    Tony, no thanks.