Thursday 24 June 2010

An Exclusive Interview With Joe Cornish!!!!!!!1

Attentive viewers will recall The Incredible Suit's groundbreaking 2011 preview, and in particular my mounting excitement about Attack The Block, the directorial debut (if you don't count the odd TV show and music video) of Joe Cornish, the taller, less hairy half of Adam & Joe, officially the funniest living organisms on Earth.

Furthermore, those of you who have been unfortunate enough to read more than a handful of my posts will be aware of my love for Joe's theme song for Quantum Of Solace, which came about as a result of Song Wars, a feature on Adam & Joe's 6 Music radio show.

Given this embarrassing amount of fawning obsequiousness, and the fact that Mr Cornish is busy working on Attack The Block, The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn and Marvel's forthcoming Ant-Man (the latter two as writer), nobody was more surprised than The Incredible Suit when he a) agreed to answer some preposterously inane questions I posed him, and b) didn't have me arrested and put under a restraining order. Although there's still time for that.

Hello Joe. I’m a little starstruck and don’t quite know what to ask. What do you think would be a good first question?
Any question but that one. That just instantly flips all the work onto me, and the interview’s only just begun. How dare you. Jesus, this interview has got off to a really awkward and embarrassing start.

Oh dear. Um... OK, I've got one. You’re that bloke off the telly and the radio. What are you playing at directing a big budget movie like Attack The Block?
Every British citizen is allowed to direct one film each during their lifetime. It’s like Jury service. You get notified by post.

What stage is the production at? Is it too late to give a small role to a witty and handsome film blogger? I’m talking about me.
It’s not a stage production, it’s a film. And I couldn’t hear the second part of the question. A plane went over.

Really? I didn't hear it. When can we expect Attack The Block to arrive in cinemas? I’m a bit bored of waiting tbh.
Listen Mister Incredible Suit, I didn’t tell you to camp out in a sleeping bag in Leicester Square until the film comes out. You made that choice yourself. So don’t blame me if you’re bored waiting.

Edgar Wright keeps banging on about how tired he is making Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Are you getting enough sleep? I’m worried about you.
Unfortunately Edgar’s being stalked by Freddy Krueger in his dreams (the original one, not the one from the remake), so he can’t go to sleep for personal safety reasons. Dennis Quaid is currently using my dreams to get to the bottom of some kind of global dream-warfare conspiracy, so it’s important that I sleep for as long as possible every night. That’s just how the cookie happens to crumble.

You're appealing to my love of The Quaid there so I don't ask you any difficult questions. Good tactic. Presumably you’ll be recording a theme song for Attack The Block in the ‘Song Wars’ style, yes?
It may yet come to that.

You’ve been working with Steven Spielberg on The Adventures Of Tintin. I hope you had a word with him about Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.
Sorry. There’s another plane going over. Really loud. Must be one of those new double decker ones. Sorry.

Hmm. Can you tell me anything about Attack The Block, Tintin or Ant-Man that nobody else knows? Some kind of exclusive would be great for my rep.
Christ, it’s circling. So sorry.

Oh for heaven's sake. OK, here's an easier one. You and Adam are back on 6 Music this weekend at Glastonbury, which is the best news, like, ever. When do you expect to be back for good? My train journeys are filled with gloom and despondency now that I don’t have the podcast.
We’ll be back on 6 Music as soon as we can, if they’ll have us. I have to finish the film first, then I might take a bit of a holiday. Would that be okay? Where do you think I should go? But I reckon we’ll be back in one way or another before the end of the year. Thank you for caring.

You're welcome. Try Rhyl. What’s your favourite colour?
Blue Peter.

Good choice. Finally, could you just say something concise, witty and complimentary about The Incredible Suit which I can quote as if it was an off-the-cuff comment you made down the pub one day?
“I love the way The Incredible Suit is a blog about movies by a man.”

That'll do I suppose. You may go now. Thanks a million!
Thank YOU The Incredible Suit, it’s been a great honour. I enjoy your blog a lot. It’s funny. Bye!

So there you go. To briefly summarise the amazing scoops in there that you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE:
  • Joe Cornish has a nocturnal mental hotline to The Quaid
  • Joe Cornish can almost certainly be found at Rhyl Sun Centre later this year
  • Joe Cornish spends a lot of time under a suspiciously busy flight path
The Incredible Suit can also exclusively reveal that Joe Cornish is much taller than he sounds on the radio.

And now, because I never miss an opportunity...

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  1. Happy Birthday, Incredible Slut!

    You've given me hope that even with my own fawning obsequiousness, I may stand a chance of getting an equally informative exchange with the tiny chap. Did he pay you to say he was taller than he sounds? We all know he fits neatly inside Adam's back-pack.

    Have a great day and mind what you're doing with that candle. x

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Incredible Suit! (Glad I had chance for a daily update on the web's best movie blog before I shoot off to Wimbledon for some strawberries and Pimms).

  3. Happy Birthday Incredible Suit! Great interview, I'm really looking forward to Attack the Block. By the way, have you tried Adam Buxton's Mixtape podcast to fill those gloomy train journeys? It's ace.

  4. You just became a lot more interesting, Sir Suit. Good job!

  5. Happy Incredible Birthday Suit.
    Your blog is a constant source of amusement and information. (except the trash trailers)

    Oscar Wilde took his diary with him on train journeys so that he would always have something sensational to read.

    Bye for now
    chin chin
    tin tin

  6. There's a birthday? I was distracted by the awesomeness of Joe.

  7. Yippee! As always a winner. And happy birthday! xx

  8. Thanks everybody for your kind wishes. The Incredible Suit is having its bestest birthday ever.

    The Queen, Gawd bless yer ma'am. Don't eat too many strawberries, they're 25p each you know.

    Cam, Adam's podcast is good, but... it's just not the same without Dr Sexy.

    Simon, I don't understand how I could be more interesting, but thankyou.

  9. Brilliant interview with Joe, very funny!! And Happy Birthday too. You just got a new follower :)

  10. Hey don't worry, I heard Joe is not attacking the block, he's just Jenny from the block. Is he taller than the block? No! Oh thats ok then.

  11. Always pleased to welcome fresh meat to The Incredible Suit. Hi Chris!

  12. Nice one! Happy Birthday Once More.

  13. So jealous you got to interview Dr. Sexy! And what a brilliant interview it was, too.

    Belated well wishes for being born :)

  14. Just got round to reading this...don't know why I hadn't heard about it before. Nice comedic interview...a little lacking on the info side though. Ah well...thems the breaks I suppose, gotta count your lucky stars!
    Marge x

  15. I asked the questions, he chose to listen to an imaginary aeroplane. There's only so much I can do.