Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Marketing Geniuses Do It Again

Well I don't know about you but The Incredible Suit really was in two minds whether or not to buy Spiral, newly released on DVD just three years after a smattering of showings at a few cinemas in the US. But then I saw this advert in this month's Empire magazine:

What's that? STARRING JOEL MOORE FROM AVATAR?! Hang on, which one was he again?

Oh yeah, I remember. Well if you didn't have me at "From the director of Hatchet", you've sure as hell got me now. Although, since Spiral was made before Avatar, we really should have been seeing this all over the world last December:

Sometimes there's just no justice.

So there are two very good reasons to buy Spiral. Another, which isn't part of the marketing material, is that according to IMDb it cost an estimated $1.5 million to make and grossed a grand total of $3,072. So buy your copy RIGHT NOW*. They need all the help they can get.

*Don't. It's obviously shit.

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  1. "cost an estimated $1.5 million to make and grossed a grand total of $3,072."
    These figures will pale into insignificance when the Superchap album is released.

  2. It is shit, i watched it. He likes to sketch the ladies before he does the murdering.

  3. Joely good marketing and joely good luck I say. Hollywood is just a retail business. It puts bums on 3D Multiperplexing seats in any BetterScope way it can. As to Mr. Moore, at least he has his own face in Avatar unlike Anthony Daniels who traded for years on his fame as CP3O or even worse David Prowse who paraded himself as Darth Vader although Vader's voice and actual unmasked face were not his.

  4. Droid Factoid - Anthony Daniels as C3PO had the first line in the first Star Wars film and the last line in the last film Revenge of the Sith.