Thursday 3 June 2010

Bwwwoooooooowwwwww Didididididididi Bwwwwwooooowwwwww*

Every other movie blog and his dog have already made this point, but that's never stopped The Incredible Suit in the past so I don't see why it should now. Anyway you shouldn't even be reading any other movie blog so if you've already seen this you've only got yourselves to blame. I'll keep it brief and to the point:
<a href="">Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey</a>

If you amble over to the official Inception website you can hear a sniplet of Zimmer's actual score, which is reassuringly Zimmery and points to an inevitable soundtrack purchase come July.

The Incredible Suit is increasingly of the opinion that some of the music being used for trailers these days is good enough to be released on a compilation of its own. One of the Star Trek trailers used this piece by trailer-music-go-to-guys Two Steps From Hell, which - despite being alarmingly similar to Zimmer's Batman Begins score - would have sat quite comfortably with Michael Giacchino's eventual (and excellent) Star Trek soundtrack:

So the campaign starts here for the creation of a trailer music album which I propose to call "Now That's What The Incredible Suit Calls Trailer Music That Doesn't Feature In The Film Or On The Official Soundtrack", which will feature Bishop's Countdown from Aliens as a bonus track because it's been used in almost every sci-fi trailer since 1986.

*Thanks to Jo Stroud for transcribing the Inception trailer music lyrics

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  1. The song "touched" from VAST was in the movie (defo in the trailer) but not in the soundtrack. Brilliant song though

  2. Car + Trailer. A Trailer is called a trailer because it comes after the thing pulling it. Why is a film trailer called a trailer? It is seen before the film, it does not drag along behind the screening. I hate ever seeing trailers because they spoil my enjoyment of the film. Imagine if someone showed you a trailer of your life. Would it increase your pleasure in living it?

  3. I really loved that orchestral Requiem for a Dream that they used for the Two Towers trailer. Except now it's the theme to Britain's Got Fuckwits.

  4. Agree that the Inception trailer music is great - menacing and climactic. Might even go to see the film. Really stirring - even though I'm a Lalo Schifrin lover at heart.
    More of these soundbites on your blog, please. They're fun!

  5. As long as people keep having music in their films, I'll keep wittering about it. Just remember: You asked for it.