Wednesday 9 June 2010

Marketing Geniuses Do It Again, Only Properly This Time

Having already parped out a fantastic, original poster and an atmospheric trailer for Buried, the forthcoming film about Ryan Rodney Reynolds stuck in a box, Lionsgate have channelled the spirit of titan of poster design Saul Bass to produce this beauty:

In a world of posters full of floating heads and orange-and-blue colour schemes, this is how you make your film stand out. Top marks team.

Although they are quite shamelessly appealing to The Incredible Suit's love of one of the greatest films ever made:

I'm such a sucker.

In other properly-marketed-movie news:


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  1. Well observed. Yes, Vertigo was a brilliant film. That old poster reminds me of the funny geared clear plastic drawing gizmo called a Spirograph which was the height of graphic excitement in the days before home computing.

  2. prairie_oysters9 June 2010 at 09:48

    The 'etch-a-sketch' spiral on the buried poster is being name checked all over the net for being a Saul Bass 'homage' (perhaps mildly more subtly than 'Clockers' rotten 'Anatomy of a Murder' rip-off of some years back) but, graphically speaking, it's as close to his poster for 'Bunny Lake is Missing' as it is to Vertigo.

    The Inception poster that appears to show Torremolinos toppling into the Med' reminds me, unfortunately, of the posters for 'The Day after Tomorrow' & '2012' :-s

  3. I checked out Bunny Lake Is Missing but I have to say I can't see a resemblance to Buried. Are we talking about the same poster?