Saturday 9 October 2010

Saturday Playlist #8: Star Wars Episodes IV-VI

I'd like to think that everybody reading The Incredible Suit already has copies of these soundtracks at home and on regular rotation, but I suspect the world isn't really that perfect. So here's a playlist for those of you poor unfortunates yet to discover the unparallelled power and beauty of some of John Williams' finest work.
Each film is represented on the albums by so many orgasmic minutes of musical ear-fondling that it was a painful experience choosing which tracks to include in the playlist and which to leave out. A bit like choosing which of your children to feed to the others in the event of an apocalypse, only much more traumatising.

So I hope you enjoy it, and I would earnestly and passionately urge anyone who doesn't think they're 'into' soundtracks to get hold of the Star Wars score and play it as loudly as possible because it's absolutely, breathtakingly smashing.


Incidentally, all of The Incredible Suit's Saturday Playlists can now be found in one handy place, on this page right here. For the terminally thick, you can also get there by clicking "Saturday Playlists" at the top of any page on the blog. I know that sounds obvious but you have to remember there are people almost as old as me reading.

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  1. I am trying to take your advice but Spotify says the play list has no tracks to it, although it does show the spiffing OST cover...

    I think I may be a technological baboon. Help!

  2. Hmm. Can't really help I'm afraid. Is there a technological silverback gorilla nearby? They tend to know their stuff.

  3. Can't open it, either

  4. As an aspiring writer, I've found these Saturday playlists thus far to be great background accompaniments to my script-writing. What's weird is that this Star Wars music helps me to write film reviews, because it reminds me of the prequels and The Clone Wars and stirs my vitriol towards Lucas and his money-grubbing ilk. Even though the music is brilliant.
    Long story short, my ears are broken- send help.

  5. How about a Saturday playlist of multi Oscar winning Howard Shore? The Lord of the Rings films, Aviator, Silence of the Lambs,Ed Wood, The Fly are just a few of the films he has written music for.

    Some of today's movie composers are right up there with the famous classic names of past centuries. They have just swapped the concert hall for the cinema screen.

  6. There's a Lord Of The Rings playlist coming to an amazing movie blog near you very soon.

    Mark, if your ears are broken perhaps you could go and buy some more... from The Body Shop! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Good news on Lord of the Rings, bad news on that joke. :P Not that you don't know anyway, but the mighty Minas Tirith theme is a must for that playlist, right? You can maybe dispense with Nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins if you need to find space for it.