Sunday, 17 October 2010

London Film Festival: The Peddler

Wondering what to see at the London Film Festival next? Of course you are. You'd be crazy if that very thought wasn't occupying your every waking second. Well, you could always go and see The Peddler. It's quite good.
A documentary about an avuncular old geezer who breezes in and out of rural Argentinian villages making rubbish films, The Peddler is the kind of sweet, cockle-warming film that you might see late one night on Channel 4 but may as well go and check out at the LFF so you can say you've supported both the British and Argentine film industries.

As unlikely movie mogul Daniel Burmeister bimbles about the town of Benjamín Gould shooting his unepic Let's Kill Uncle, he successfully unites an entire community, some of whom barely knew each other until they became actors in his VHS non-masterpiece. The fact that he doesn't even own a camera is the least of his problems, but he's a resourceful chap, carrying out constant running repairs on his death-trap car and building his own props from scratch.

The trailer doesn't really do it justice in all honesty but at least it teaches you how to say "I'd sooner die" in Spanish, which might come in useful if you're ever in Spain and someone invites you to watch a bullfight or go to an English bar.

The Peddler is showing at 9pm on Sunday 17th October and at 4.15pm on Tuesday 19th October at the NFT on the South Bank, and at 6.45pm on Wednesday 20th October at the ICA.

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  1. Making a video does have the power to unite people. Here is one I made the other day. Unlike Daniel I do have a camera. You'll wish I did not.

    It will unite your blog readers in uttering the phrase "I'd sooner die than watch this video again."