Monday, 4 October 2010

Titans Of The Movie World Plug Catfish

I was already excited about this film, having seen the intriguing trailer, so when Grand Vizier of all that is amazing Edgar Wright tweeted its greatness, I thought excitement levels had peaked. But now, the one and only Jessica Simpson, the second-best-ever Daisy Duke, has also bigged it up!
Amazingness is assured.
Unfortunately it's already sold out at the London Film Festival, which is extremely bad news unless there's a press screening. There'll be a press screening, right?



  1. I have normal punter tickets to see this at LFF. I am very much looking forward to it.

    Can't push the 'don't look into it' bit enough. A friend went on IMDB and immediately saw a spoiler which ruins the ending of the film. So I'm avoiding IMDB and I recommend you do too!

  2. Thanks for the advice CJAmazing and Mr Suit...I hereby ban any mention of it from my life until I get to see it!
    Can't wait!