Wednesday, 20 October 2010

London Film Festival: Heartbeats

Here are the IMDb's Plot Keywords for Heartbeats (or Love, Imagined, its more accurately translated international title):
While all those things are present and correct (except tension), they don't really give you an accurate idea of what the film is like. What might be more appropriate would be:
All credit (literally) to star, writer, director, producer, costumier, art director, editor, graphic designer, photographer and probably popcorn seller and projectionist Xavier Dolan, but Heartbeats is just a little bit too Film Festivally for its own good. If only it were showing at some kind of Film Festival right now, it might just find its audience.

Heartbeats is showing at the LFF at 5.45pm on Thursday 21st October and at 3.00pm on Friday 22nd October at Vue Leicester Square, and at 6.30pm on Sunday 24th October at Cine Lumiere in South Kensington.

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  1. You have raised an issue about film festivals in general when you suggested a film might only find an audience at a festival. Do they exist in their own remote bubble detached from the general film audience? Are they the engine of original art and infuential ideas? I would like the observations of The Incredible Suit having attended his first London Film Festival as an acredited journalist.

  2. Is its original title a play on Love, Actually? Oh dear...

  3. No, I would guess that the original title is from (gay, Canadian) songwriter Rufus Wainwright's "Imaginary Love"

    "Every kind of love
    Or at least my kind of love
    Is an imaginary love to start with, honey..."