Tuesday, 26 October 2010

London Film Festival: The Kids Are All Right

If you're not quite sure what this indie dramedy about two lesbian parents and their kids (who are all right) whose lives are turned upside down by the sudden arrival of a horny, hairy Ruffalo could possibly be like, then let the interweb's finest movie reviewers be your guide:
I'm not quite sure what the hell The New York Observer were thinking transposing their adjectives willy nilly; some people just refuse to play by the rules.

Anyway, guess what? The clich├ęs are all right, boom boom. Go and see it.

The Kids Are All Right is showing on Tuesday 26th October at 12.30pm and Wednesday 27th October at 3.15pm at Vue Leicester Square. Both shows are fully booked, but fear not! It goes on nationwide release this Friday. Phew.

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  1. I do hope it is not the female version of Broke Back Mountain.

    Touching and funny? Like being hit on the funny bone?

    I always suspect a 'feel good movie'. Hollywood has gallons of treacle to pour over the scripts.

  2. I am thoroughly sick of films arbitrarily named after old songs they have nothing to do with. I bet they haven't even used the original version in the movie anywhere, have they? Write your own titles, you lazy buggers, or I'll start writing songs named after old films. Oh hang on, a band I'm in already does a song called Alien...

  3. I just hope it's funny and touching at the same time.

    1. Having just watched it last Friday I can say it was neither. It wasn't particularly funny and it wasn't touching. It was just mehhh