Sunday, 31 October 2010

London Film Festival: Kaboom

Kaboom, I am reliably informed by the BFI, is "an old school Gregg Araki movie". Having never seen a Gregg Araki movie, old or new school (sue me), I can't comment on the veracity of this statement. I can, however, tell you that it's got loads of shagging in it. The LFF brochure doesn't mention it so I thought it would be useful if I did.
That's the first half of the film taken care of. The second half is your bog standard global-conspiracy-supernatural-good-vs-evil-sci-fi-armageddon-Crackers-Patel ridonkulous orgy of weird.

It all gets very self-consciously cheesy and deliberately (I hope) bad as it clambers further up the mountain of mentalism, and I honestly don't know whether or not I liked it. At one point I thought it was going to be the next Donnie Darko, but that didn't happen. Instead it's more like the next The Box. Make of that what you will.

It does, however, have an amazing soundtrack so even if you're not a fan of omnipresent ladylumps you can at least shut your eyes and wrap your earholes around corkers like this.

And that, you'll no doubt be distressed to hear, is the last of my LFF reviews. Come back tomorrow for my amazing round-up of the 54th BFI London Film Festivehole! Or at least the tiny portion of it that I saw. I have got a day job you know.

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  1. That sounds suitably mental. I'm still reeling from the Bonkers-fest that was A Town Called Panic! Loved it though.

  2. Compariing it to The Box eh....hmmmm doesn't bode well really.