Tuesday 5 October 2010

Five Reasons To Avoid Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps






In other news (via /Film):
What a cock.

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  1. I wasn't sure I understood points 1 - 4 but thanks for clearing it up with point 5.

  2. He's one of the reasons why I won't see that piece of shit film. The other is Oliver Stone.

    Oliver hasn't made a great film since Natural Born Killers. Nixon wasn't very compelling and everything else after that sucked. U-Turn was too weird for its own good. Any Given Sunday was too slick, brash, and overly dramatized for my tastes. Alexander is his worst film, no matter what cut of the film it is. World Trade Center was boring. W. was OK but at times, came off like a SNL sketch. The Doors is my 2nd least favorite.

    Stone is just an aging dinosaur who should just retire.

  3. @thevoid99 W was awful...so disappointed with it.

    Awww poor Shia! Having said that it is a bit annoying when Spielberg takes a fancy to some young actor and creates a whole career for them simply by backing them, even when they very clearly don't deserve such attention.
    He's ok but nothing special...and Transfomers is pants!

  4. I thought Shia was alright in something like The Greatest Game Ever Played and in an episode of Freaks & Geeks. I don't think he's a bad actor but very mediocre. I remembered listening to an interview he did on Filmspotting to promote Disturbia. He came off as a smug little shit.

    I would never take anything Steven Spielberg says these days. He says Michael Bay has talent. Let's say I'm a young director who just released his first film, became a festival hit and such. Then I have Spielberg wanting to lavish me with all sorts of stuff.

    Would I take it? Fuck no. I'd tell him to shove it up ass.

  5. Liar LaBeouf is more like it (ho ho, I'm so funny)- he only admits his films are shit after they've somehow made money. Give him a year, he'll say Wall Street 2 was shit, and he won't acknowledge how it was his own stupid fucking fault.

  6. I genuinely don't understand the venom people have for Shia LeBeouf. He's alright. He can be quite funny. He's relatively amiable and inoffensive. You can't blame him for Indiana Jones 4 or Transformers 2. He's a bit one-note, not much range, he's no Joseph Gordon Levitt, but how many young actors can claim to be? I suppose he gets singled out because he appears in high-profile projects, but otherwise I just don't see how he's so bad as to warrant such fury as is apparent in this post and its comments! Feel free to explain it to me!

  7. He's good in Holes which I had completely forgotten he was in.