Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Now The Incredible Suit isn't normally one to regurgitate news you can read anywhere, but here's some news so competely delicious and flambasmic and tremungous that I just had to chew it 25 times, swallow it, semi-digest it and then bring it back up for another look just to make sure it was true.

And it is true! After an embarrassing and incapacitatingly annoying amount of ups, downs, oohs, aahs, whats, whys and HOW MUCH?!s at MGM, they've finally got their shit together, found a few quid down the back of the sofa and officially announced that...
Before you explode with incontinence like I did, you should probably bear in mind the release date for the 23rd official James Bond film is November 9, 2012. That's 667 days away. That's a long time to be in a permanent state of tumescence. However, it is less than a couple of months before the end of the world, so at least we'll be going out on an All Time High (© Woeful Obscure Bond References Inc).

Daniel Craig returns, which is obviously great, and Sam Mendes is directing, which bodes well for the charactery stuff. The script is by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who wrote the last four Bonds and as such have about a 50/50 track record of awesome, balls-out brilliance and unfortunate, invisible-car-related crappery. They're being joined on this one by John Logan, who'll remind you he wrote Gladiator and The Aviator but will probably forget that he wrote 2002's The Time Machine remake. The jury's still out, JoLo.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to reboot my campaign to get the film called Blood And Thunder, and to get Vincent Cassel cast as the villain (though I have it on good authority that he said he'd never do it, the bastard), Bernard Hill or David Warner as M (sozzles Dame Judi), Noel Clarke as Q, Emilia Fox as Moneypenny, David Arnold doing the music, Daniel Kleinman designing the titles and Muse doing the theme song. Surely that's not too much to ask? I've already designed the poster.
And I'm sure you won't mind seeing this every day for the next two years:

667 DAYS

Good. Now let's get on with it.


  1. "unfortunate, invisible-car-related crappery"
    - Sheer bloody poetry*, Mr Suit!

    *Obscure Queen reference. Anyone know where from?

  2. We think it shouold be called
    "Sex Furniture Warehouse"
    Can we do the feem toon?

  3. Bond is back and you show us Bond's back = genius!

  4. I know. Just remember that if I should be nominated for some kind of award any time soon.

  5. Good shout on getting Muse to do the music. This has been in discussion for a long time and is well overdue. But so has been Sam Mendes to direct so there's hope!

  6. Suit, I am concerned about your all-consuming Bond love. You may need to see somebody.

  7. I too would be very entertained to see Noel Clarke as Q!

  8. TIS should simply announce a blogger's award, say, for the best tailored blogger of the year and change the mast head to read "The Incredible Suit - 2010 Smartest Blog of the Year."

    Have you ever seen the cable TV awards? What a joke. It resembles primary school prize giving. Every single cable channel either giving or receiving an engraved perspex thingy to half hearted applause. Of course none of the acceptance speeches come close to the refined oratory of TIS "YYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHH!!!"

  9. Damn, i was going to ask if Daniel Kleinman will be back fondling our eyeballs with his cheeky fingers? and you beat me to it. You must be some kind of Future Award Winning Blog!

  10. That is the most perfect teaser poster I'll ever see for something as awesome as Blood and Thunder.

    As a fellow Bond fan, to hear that Bond's back in 2012! YEEEEAHHHH!!!!