Friday, 14 January 2011

First Images: An Exercise In Polar Opposites

Two upcoming sure-fire blockbusting megabastards have released their first official images this week, and one of them is a very good example of how this kind of thing should be done. And one of them is Footloose.

Craig Brewer, director of the remake nobody asked for (no, not The Thing. Or Brighton Rock. Or The Birds. etc), has released the first still from his version of inexplicably popular '80s Bacon roll Footloose, and frankly it takes the piss like an industrial vacuum cleaner attached to your cock.
Now it's one thing to release the most boring shot from your film as the first 'official' image - even the Harry Potter films aren't afraid of doing that - but it's another thing entirely to just release a photo of that image on your telly, even if it does feature the majesty of The Quaid in full glower.

Of course the real reason behind this is so that when Footloose inevitably sinks like a puppy on Boxing Day, Brewer has the ultimate get-out clause:
The man's clearly a genius.

At the other, dare I say, shitloads better, end of the scale, comes this:
Who remembers that Footloose remake that was supposed to be happening?


  1. hot-water-bottle-man

  2. I demand more films to be edited by cats, they'd likely choose (unless under the influence of catnip) not to edit action sequences in a crazy MTV way.

    But that Footloose remake in my mind is 2011's Burlesque. And I needed a hell of a lot of alcohol to forget that film.

  3. A cat has already shot a movie, so why not edit too. See

  4. That cat is clearly the new Thelma Schoonmaker