Sunday, 30 January 2011

Oscar Night: Take Your Pick

Come the evening of February 27th, you have two clear choices who to spend Oscar night with.

Choice 1: James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Choice 2: James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Personally I like my women with a little chest hair so I know where I'll be.


  1. The viewing figures for Oscar shows have been in decline. The producers have chosen the youngest ever hosts James Franco & Anne Hathaway in a bid to attract a bigger and more youthful audience.

    I think these awards shows are of most interest to the Hello & OK magazine readers who want to see the stars and their outfits.

  2. And the award for BEST BLOG POST EVER goes to... Mr.Suit, for THIS VERY POST.


  3. Does Anne Hathaway of contacting The Incredible Suit too?

    What an honour and compliment for TIS.

  4. This is Miss Hathaway's PA - Anne is on the loo at the moment. She loves what The Incredible Suit does and is flattered that todays post features not one but two of her recent videos. She also apologises for Love & Other Drugs. 'Soz Bbz'.