Tuesday 18 January 2011


You may recall the time last week when I fair spuffed myself silly over the announcement of a new Bond film, due to make sweet sweet love to a cinema screen near you as soon as November 2012. One lengthy, finger-tiring calculation later, I concluded that was 22 months away. There are currently 22 official Bond films. Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO.
That's when I had my first amazing idea: Babble about one Bond movie every month between now and then, finishing with Bond 23 / Blood And Thunder / Death Is Forever When Living Is Dying To Kill or whatever it's called.

That's when I had my second amazing idea: Get the whole world involved.

Some time later I called it BlogalongaBond, and that's where the amazing ideas dried up.

So this is how it works for anyone who wants in (and who wouldn't?):
  1. If you've got a blog, podcast, vlog, "proper website" or whatever you want to call it, post something on your own site about whichever film is scheduled for that month. January 2011's film is Dr. No, duh.
  2. Go to http://www.facebook.com/BlogalongaBond, click 'Like' and post a link to your article on the wall.
  3. A handsome administrator reposts that link for all Facebook Fans of BlogalongaBond to see.
  4. Everyone gets shitloads of traffic.
  5. I win some kind of award for internet innovation and David Fincher makes a great but slightly overrated film about me.
The first posts are already up, and as if it isn't spectacular enough that the idea works at all, they're not rubbish! In fact they're very good!
So do the world a favour and watch Dr. No, write / say / mime something about it and post it up at BlogalongaBond HQ before the end of this month. And while you're at it follow @BlogalongaBond on Twitter.


  1. Given that this is a thinly disguised attempt at world blog domination (I mean, I already feel like I'm sitting in an electrified chair at a BlogalongaBond/SPECTRE board meeting), perhaps Sam Mendes might consider the project for the basis of the film?

  2. Do we start right now or wait for a Q?

  3. Ursula Andress - The Incredible Swimsuit.

    1. And how could her surname have been so close to what most men were thinking, and maybe even some very modern ladies? What incredible co-incidence.

  4. A cinema seat these days is an online or card transaction. In 1962 a handful full of coins got you in. It may start a Quarrel, but I miss money penny for penny more solid then than the Leiter coins today.

  5. I'd love to see that David Fincher movie.
    "The Facebook page got 57,000 likes in the first week?"
    "57. Just er... 57."
    Count me in! Shall be watching Dr. No sometime this week.

  6. Count me in. BlogalongaBond is the best thing to happen to cinema since 3D. Ahem. Anyways, I'm in. In for a Moneypenny, in for a pound.

  7. Epic. I must get in on this Bond action. Faster than you can say dry martini with 3 measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet, shake it over ice, then add a thin slice of lemon peel.

  8. Please do. You've got six days to do Dr. No. Go!

  9. OHMSS I suppose will be the Blog Bond for June 2011. Will you be in a tartan kilt like George Lazenby to celebrate the 2nd birthday of TIS?

  10. That sounds perfectly reasonable, as long as it's a nice summer's day.

  11. I'm working on my post as we speak - Hopefully it'll be there before the end of January lol

  12. Am I in trouble for being late? It was still January in the US when I posted my blog, even though it was February in Australia... but mine isn't up on the BlogalongaBond master list, so I figure I'm being punished.

  13. I did all 22 Bonds in January. I think I appreciated them all back to back in a "high intensity, not quite sure which is which now - wait, is that Sean Connery again?" sort of way. They worked quite well as a tightly-packed time-bomb of testerone. I wonder how they'll fare one month at a time...

  14. Hello. I just found this blog, and as an unconditional 007 fan I will follow BlogalongaBond, of course.
    Congrats for the excelent articles & posts.

  15. I've only just stumbled upon this post, and as a massive Bond Hated, I shall not be taking part.