Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Oh Good, It's Oscar Time

The 2011 Oscar nominations are being announced at about 1.30 this afternoon. As anyone who was unfortunate enough to read The Incredible Suit this time last year will know, this particular annual ritual fills me with unimaginable joy and barely containable excitement. There is nothing my heart desires more than watching normally sane people go bonkers over a bunch of overpaid, self-important but otherwise ordinary human beings slapping each other on the back with such force that their sense of humour falls off and they get all pissy when comedians make jokes about their ridiculous lives.

However, this year I am prepared to make an exception. I'm giving the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences a chance. If they agree to recognise, via the medium of nomination, Buried - as we are all painfully aware The Incredible Suit's best film of last year - then I'll show some enthusiasm. I'll display a frisson of excitement. I may even crack a smile.
It's not a ridiculous notion. I don't expect Buried to walk off with every award going on February 27th, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be nominated in any number of categories: Best Actor? Ryan Rodney Reynolds spent weeks in a box acting his little socks off and kept us entertained almost by himself for 94 sweaty, groin-clenchingly tense minutes. Best Director? Rodrigo Cortés' old-school filmmaking has justifiably been compared to Hitchcock (mostly by me). Best Screenplay? Chris Sparling's script drip-fed information at exactly the right pace and gave RyRod some zingers into the bargain. Best Original Score? Cinematography? Editing? Sound Mixing and Editing? Buried can lay claim to excellence in all these categories.

So come back later today and together we'll see just how many Oscars Buried has been nominated for, in The Incredible Suit's snappily-titled Buriedoscarnominationometer:

*** 2pm UPDATE! ***
Fancy that.


  1. I agree entirely. Me and my co-presenter on the radiomaphone have been referring to it as this year's Moon, in that it deserves lots of nominations, but shan't get any. :(

  2. I am all agog now waiting to see if the TIS best film of the year gets the shining recognition of Oscar nominations or remains buried without even a headstone to show where the casket of talent lies.

    Tony Blair's headstone may perhaps read "Here lies Tony Blair...and lies and lies."