Monday 17 May 2010

The Winner Takes It All

What, in some primitive cultures, could be called The Greatest Competition Of All Time closed at the weekend, and with the number of entries reaching double figures (two) it was time to pick a winner.

So I finished off a bottle of delicious 7-year-old Cuban Legendario rum (I'm still awaiting a sponsorship offer from them) and, with the assistance of Mrs The Incredible Suit, used the most sophisticated method I could think of to declare a victor. Here's what happened:

Congratulations to the lucky winner then, I suppose. Get in touch and let me know when you can come and collect this embarrassing prize.

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  1. Simon Johnston. Loser Extraordinaire18 May 2010 at 19:36

    Cor Blimey! I was on the edge of my seat there.
    Excellenly decided though. Well done that winner!

  2. Well don't top yourself just yet. Ms Ronan has so far failed to claim her prize. IT COULD STILL BE YOURS!