Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Incredible Suit's Summer Preview!

It's that time of year when I like to look ahead to the forthcoming blockbuster season and contemplate all the films I'm looking forward to so much that I can barely stop my skeleton from popping out and dancing the macarena with excitement.

So here's a rundown of The Incredible Suit's most hotly anticipated summer movies, in alphabetical order so as not to give any undue preference to one particular film. It was a tough job narrowing these babies down, I can tell you!

And here's a selection of trailers for more of my top picks:

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  1. I must see this movie. I must!

  2. But what about Adam Sandler's next comedy vehicle, Grown Ups, which according to denofgeek.com...

    "Every summer season needs a big blockbuster comedy that brings together lots of names under one umbrella with the aim of letting star power, a well-packaged trailer and 90 minutes of amiable fun lead to box office gold."