Thursday 13 May 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine: Exactly Like Back To The Future!

I've been analysing Hot Tub Time Machine since I saw it, and what has struck me as quite remarkable is its uncanny similarity to Back To The Future. Obviously a claim like that requires empirical evidence to back it up, so I've wheeled out The Incredible Suit's Comparotron 2000 to illustrate my point.

I think you'll agree that pretty much seals it.

In fact the only ways in which Hot Tub Time Machine differs from Back To The Future are in its all-encompassing absence of wit, charm and likeable characters, its reliance on poo and knob jokes and a continuous stream of swears in place of clever humour, its entirely predictable and lazy plotting, its casting of a kooky Zooey Deschanel-alike who I think I was actually supposed to think was Zooey Deschanel, its staggering failure to make us celebrate the return of Chevy Chase, its central message that to be happy and successful you need to be unspeakably wealthy and a complete asshole, the general impression that it was written by a plate of minced beef and the fact that it's not even as good as you'd expect a film called Hot Tub Time Machine to be.

Other than that, it's practically a shot-for-shot remake.

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  1. You didn't like it then? :P
    I agree with you here- and it's telling that they bring up Timecop, Terminator and the rest as a frame of reference, but don't mention the most famous film because that'd be too on-the-nose.

  2. You mean Lizzy Caplan? I love that bitch!

    It's Back to the Future if Back to the Future hated itself.

  3. I actually had to look up if that was Zooey Deschanel