Wednesday 12 May 2010

Super 8 Trailer Reveals Dreadful Secret

So here's that Super 8 trailer I babbled incoherently about on Monday:


I think I'm going to take the decisive step of burying my head in the sand and maintaining that this will still be the greatest thing since sliced E.T., despite the unavoidable fact that the last time Steven Spielberg had anything to do with Area 51, this happened:

Oh god, it's all coming flooding back. It's going to be awful isn't it.

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  1. now now, let's not jump to horrific conclusions. i mean, what's the worst that could happen? apart from the alien being some sort of giant lebouf thingy?

  2. The worst that could happen is that it could be completely shit and I'll have lost all faith in two of my movie heroes and in films generally and I'll have nothing left to live for and The Incredible Suit will be no more.

  3. Not all bad then

  4. I'm excited for Super 8! The teaser worked on me, I'm totally intrigued.

  5. Suppurate (pronounced super 8) is to form or discharge pus.

    Now which blogriew springs to mind?