Friday, 14 May 2010

Ultra Culture Cinema #01: The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans

Attentive viewers will recall the time last month when The Incredible Suit conducted some kind of interview with fellow movie blog Ultra Culture about their forthcoming screening of The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans. Well, the screening came and, inevitably, went and a smashing time was had by all, although the house white wine at the ICA leaves a lot to be desired.

The event itself was not just a film screening but an extended kids' birthday party, with colouring-in, free pop and gifts showered onto the audience by Ultra Culture's Charlie Lyne, the Galadriel of movie bloggers, dishing out DVDs and posters rather than rubbish leaf brooches and bits of old hair.

Next month's screening is antonym of normality Trash Humpers, the quality of which The Incredible Suit cannot confirm, but you'd still be advised to pop along if you can because it's what all the cool kids will be Tweeting about the next day. Deets here.

The Bad Lieutenant, sadly, excited me less than the possibility of a gratis fizzy drink. Nicolas Cage is hard work at the best of times (although Raising Arizona is megs), and although he didn't drive me completely Crackers Patel this time, his manic loon schtick failed to convince me that he was anything other than a weird actor behaving weirdly.

Director and renowned barmlord Werner Herzog seems undecided whether to make a 'normal' film or something typically barking, and ends up with neither, veering dangerously close to a Guy Ritchie-esque crime caper with 100% less Jason Statham and 100% more iguanas. That said, The Bad Lieutenant's refusal to sit comfortably in any given genre is admirable, and the scene in which Cage interrogates a crusty old biddy and her carer is top-notch maddery.

Of course the question on everone's lips is "Is this the film that finally reunites that bad guy and the janitor from Die Hard 2?", and I can happily reveal that the answer is a resounding "Yippee-ki-yay, muddy funsters":

Worth the price of admission just to see these two legends together again.

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  1. There was a string of comments. The Bad Lieutenant has made them go away just like a speeding ticket. The Incredible Suit has been got at. Read this quickly before it vanishes.

  2. You might be getting your posts crossed:

  3. OK, I'm no longer close to being officer material. More Loo Attendant than Lieutenant. Of late my wires are getting crossed not just with posts but life in general. It is a little worrying to be making erroneous assertions.

    Is it time I stopped posting?