Thursday, 6 May 2010

An Embarrassingly Late (About 83 Years) Review Of The Lodger

It occurs to me that I forgot to tell you all about that screening of Hitchcock's The Lodger I went to with live music by Minima. Sorry about that. It was ace.

There's no point in me banging on about how great Minima are again; all you need to know is contained in one handy blog post here. I haven't really mentioned what's so good about The Lodger though, so here are a few observations:
  • The Lodger looks like a murder-mystery-whodunnit on the surface but it's actually more of a drama about personal relationships, which sounds like the most boring thing on Earth but it's really not. If you hate dramas about personal relationships then it's also a murder-mystery-whodunnit so everyone's a winner.

  • It was made only about 30 years after the birth of cinema by a genius so confident and innovative that he was already mucking about with special effects in order to tell his story. The scene where the family look up at the ceiling, which dissolves to show the lodger pacing back and forth upstairs, must have melted contemporary audiences' marbles. It's still better than anything Michael Bay has ever done.

  •  It's a little-known fact that Alfred Hitchcock travelled far into the future and brought an elderly Jessica Stevenson back with him to star in the film as the heroine's mother. Now that's ground-breaking.

I took this to prove I was there and to play with my new phone. It's not very good but you get the idea.

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