Monday, 10 May 2010

Win A Cumbersome Prince Of Persia Marketing Device!

The Incredible Suit recently came into possession* of a rather unwieldy piece of movie memorabilia freshly liberated from the Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time premiere:

It's too ridiculously big to fit into my life so one of you guys can have it, but only if you a) pick it up from Westminster and b) jump through some hoops to prove you really want it.

The Hoops:
  1. Email me at
  2. Indicate that you're emailing about the Prince Of Persia competition rather than informing me that a hitherto unknown relative has died in Nigeria and has left me an £18.4 trillion inheritance which I can claim if I could just amputate my right hand and post it, along with my passport, any major credit card and a retina, to a PO Box in Lagos.
  3. Everyone who emails will be entered into a draw and a "lucky" "winner" chosen at random.
  4. The competition, such as it is, closes at midnight on Friday 14th May, and I'll announce the chosen one at the weekend.
Let me just remind you that if you win YOU WILL have to collect it from Westminster, because there's no way I'm lugging this thing to the Post Office. It might sound like a pain but you'll get to meet The Incredible Suit and see the Houses Of Parliament, which is an added prize in itself.

Bonne chance!

*No, I didn't hang around at the premiere with a pair of pliers waiting for security to turn their back so I could nick a big picture of Gemma Arterton. Like Quantum, The Incredible Suit has people... everywhere.

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  1. If you like Gemma then you definitely need to see Disappearance of Alice Creed. It's probably the most you will ever see of her. And it's rather good.

  2. Does she, at any point, say "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!"?

  3. No, more like "fuck off and die you kidnapping bastard" I'm afraid. When I say it's the most you will see of her, she gets her kit off so you won't notice what she says I suspect.

  4. I think you will find that if you sit on the poster and say "abracadabra" it will become a flying carpet which a) will get it to the winner's home in no time and b) will make you wish you had kept it for yourself.