Friday 7 May 2010

Deidre's Movie Casebook: Robin Hood

The other week the internets brought us a shedload of new photos from Robin Hood, all of which were possibly the most boring promotional material anyone's ever farted out in the hope of conning people into seeing an obviously crap film.

This kind of thing happens all the time and The Incredible Suit is sick of it, so I came up with a Nobel Prize-winning idea to make new promo stills more exciting. Here's the skinny:
  1. Take a selection of dull images from a new movie
  2. Find the nearest copy of morally indefensible craprag and occasional 'news'paper The Sun
  3. Take the text from Deidre's Photo Casebook and add it to the movie stills
  4. Collect Nobel Prize for Geniusness
Kenny's Awkward Secret: Day 6

Come back next week to find out if
Robin's Hood has finally dropped off.

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  1. Your creative genius knows no bounds! needed a laugh this morning as we're staring down the barrel of a Bullingdon Club cabinet

  2. The trailer shows an awful lot of coastline, and I was under the misapprehension Nottingham was landlocked. Of course, he may have been fighing off naughty Normans (not sure who England's enemies were whenever this version was set, but bound to be French) but this looks look very much like a SW Welsh coastline. Someone wasa little lost. Either way, your new dialogue makes it look a lot more interesting than the trailer.

  3. Quality, I'd pay to see that in the local fleapit.