Friday, 30 April 2010

It's Coming...

I got an email on Wednesday that may be the most exciting email anyone ever received ever:

What this basically means is that I can now help justify Tesco's decision to spend a great deal of money advertising an unheard of DVD in the national press, as detailed in tedious length here and here.

As the whole blogosphere must be hanging on The Incredible Suit's every word, desperate to know the verdict on The Marine 2 and what its effect on humanity might be in the aftermath of its straight-to-DVD release, I promise to waste almost no time in watching it and reporting back. Unless I've got something better to do, although I can't imagine what that could possibly be.

Here's the trailer so you've got some idea of how amazing this is going to be:

Note how they're so confident of the film's success that they didn't even need to include Voiceover Man's first sentence. He just kicks off with "BUT NOW... A TRIP TO PARADISE... BECAME A MISSION... ONLY A MARINE COULD HANDLE". You've got to respect that kind of maverick marketing.

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