Thursday 29 April 2010


After watching JJ Abrams' quite amazing Star Trek reboot when it came out last year, I decided to delve into the back catalogue of Treks to see if they were all as rubbish as I remember them being. As it turned out, they weren't, except for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, which is the Moonraker, the Alien Vs Predator and the Die Hard 4.0 of Star Trek films all rolled into one cheesy, dripping, sweaty tribble.

Anyway this Trek trek has so far taken nearly a year and I'm up to Part 8: First Contact. I haven't seen any of these Next Generation ones before so I'm boldly going blah blah blah etc etc. Nevertheless I think I can safely say that I've come across the most Wildean piece of dialogue, delivered in the most heartfelt and emotionally powerful manner imaginable, in the entire series.

Take it away Lieutenant Cornishpastyface:


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