Tuesday 13 April 2010

The Incredible Suit Goes All Paxman

I booked tickets recently for a preview of over-punctuated crackersplosion The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans at London's ICA, starring Nicolas Cage's latest hairpiece.

What's arguably more interesting about the screening than Cage's syrup is the fact that it's being arranged by Ultra Culture, the second best movie blog on the internets. At the risk of driving you all away, Ultra Culture really is quite good, and its creator Charlie Lyne irritatingly young and talented.

You may ask what a blog thinks it's doing holding a preview screening, why that screening should be a Nicolas Cage film, what other excitement might occur at the event and if this is a sign of the future of bloggery. If so that's a remarkable coincidence because, in a first for The Incredible Suit, I actually conducted an 'interview' with Charlie and asked him those very things in the style of Jeremy Paxman, which I carried through right to the final question.

What the hell are you playing at? Whoever heard of a blog hosting a preview screening?
I think Ain't It Cool do similar stuff in the States, but this will be significantly better than that because we won't be showing X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I hope. It wouldn't be happening at all if it wasn't for the amazingly undervalued ICA.

Why Bad Lieutenant? It's got Nicolas Cage in it ferchrissakes.
What the hell are you implying? Sir Nicolas of Cage is one of the greatest actors currently living. It sounds like I'm being ironic but I'm very serious about this: he's a genius. And Bad Lieutenant is absolutely phenomenal.

What other activities can we expect to see? Are you organising a game of Pin The Toupee On The Nicolas Cage?
It's all a bit hush-hush (i.e. I haven't thought of most of them) but we have to find the delicate balance between things that are enjoyable and things that people dub 'forced fun'. It'll all have to be very optional. But I'm definitely going to wear an Iguana costume.

Is this the next step on the evolutionary ladder for blogs?
It wouldn't work for everything, but there's definitely something cool about transitioning it to the real world. You can have a look at your audience for a start.

That sounds horrific. What's next in the Ultra Culture plan for world domination?
What would be great is a very big pile of cash. So I'd like to sell out to a major distributor as quickly as humanly possible. You'll know it's happened if I start raving about Dear John next week.

What's your favourite colour?
#b9e344, obv.

The screening is on Wednesday 5th May at 8pm, and tickets may still be available from the ICA on 020 7930 3647. It's 8 quid if you mention Ultra Culture; you can mention The Incredible Suit too if you like but you'll be met with confused silence.

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  1. Was that a blog standard interview? I give it b9e344 out of 10. Blogger blogs blogger is like chat show host as guest on chat show; two steps from reality, one step from examining your own fundament. Blog becomes Zlog. Anyway it has attracted this bog busting rocking horse dropping.

  2. If you had a fundament like mine you'd be examining it too.

  3. I like an interview where you learn something. Today I learned that I don't like that shade of green and I wished that I was free for that mans event.

  4. It's yellow not green, although I'd compromise on a greeny yellow.

  5. The electric shaver scene was big time weird!