Tuesday 20 April 2010


You may have thought it unlikely that a titanic cloud of ash and ice could close the entire airspace of the United Kingdom for the best part of a week. You may have found it improbable that the Liberal Democrats could be serious contenders in the forthcoming general election. You might even have scoffed at the suggestion that Tesco would fork out for a quarter-page advert in a national newspaper for a DVD of a film that nobody knows anything about.

But what The Incredible Suit finds totally and utterly incomprehensible beyond all belief is that a film studio like MGM could be so catastrophically inept with its finances that it couldn't pay for another instalment of its biggest moneyspinning franchise, like, ever, resulting in the following press release:

It's difficult to put how I feel about this into words, so for now this will have to do.

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  1. All of this is simply absurd, people. Especially Iceland. Who gave them an active volcano?

  2. As I've commented already, film making is just a retail enterprise. It benefits from free advertising on the BBC. As a licence fee payer I am helping to pay fo the running of Film 2010 which is a promotion spot for Hollywood. Shed no tears for Bond. He's got out of tighter situations before. Cue Q