Monday, 14 February 2011

Two Tired Old Jokes For The Price Of One

Yes, I'm aware that I should have done something about the BAFTAs today, but frankly I couldn't give a shit. Um... Rosamund Pike was good wasn't she?


  1. Rosamund was presenting a writer's award, could not read the autocue and hilariously proved how lost an actor is without a script. Young Hailee Steinfeld showed how it should be done.

    I'll have a go at a film review based on the poster you have provided above.

    Bad Boy Martin is a vigilante Fake Breast hunter (see the FB badge) who joins with fast and furious Brandon to puncture falsie mammas using their dart pistols. They let down a queue of women.

  2. highly disappointed: no BAFTAS's; nothing about (gorgeous) Mr. Butler = you broke my heart (on Valentine's day)!