Thursday, 17 February 2011

Brand New Black Gold Images!

I had a lovely email from a PR type the other day sending me stills from the forthcoming Antonio Banderas film Black Gold. I've never heard of Black Gold but it looks absolutely unbelievably brilliant from these shots. They are possibly the only stills you need to see from any movie released this year. They're that good.

The email came with specific instructions regarding the attribution of the photos:
Well far be it from me to deny such a request, and I really wanted to share the images, so here you go.
 Looks amazing dunnit?

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  1. This is a film which has more upper case characters than any other. Not all of them work well. XX is not the full XXX and DOHA is a poor performance when compared with Doh Ha! QATAR would be more noteworthy if played by GUITAR. BLACK GOLD started as a slick performance but soon flared up when confronted by a hot KOSKAS.

    Well done The Incredible Suit for this creditable scoop.

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