Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm A Bit Busy At The Moment

But here's a new trailer for Source Code, which I found on Empire Online and which still looks to be the knees of the bees:

Here's The Social Network distilled into a single .gif, which I found on Filmdrunk:

And here's a lovely portrait by Anthony Pedro of, in his words, "Janine, the cute and witty receptionist from the classic 80's comedy The Ghostbusters" that I found on Slashfilm:
This blogging malarkey is a piece of cake.


  1. What malarkey piece of cake did you have in mind?
    Layer Cake(2004)
    Snow Cake (2006)
    or perhaps
    The Cake Eaters (2007)
    or will you like Marie Antoinette (2006) simply expect us to supply our own cake?

    Now where did I store that guillotine?

  2. What do you call it when you feel you've seen something before? Deja Vu?

  3. You call it classic, award-losing bloggery.

  4. Deja Vu is a fault in the Matrix.
    .xritaM eht ni tluaf a si uV ajeD