Tuesday 8 February 2011

It's The Incredible Suit's 500th Post!

To celebrate, here's a joke that's been made 500 times already:
"I beg to differ!"

Ah, dearie me. *wipes eye* In other news, last week I squatted on the faces of the Picturehouse cinema chain's very own Krankies, Sam Clements and Simon Renshaw, and loosed a steaming stream of drivel all over them for the benefit of their very excellent podcast. And even though they edited out my beautifully finessed "Snyder-Man" joke, it's still worth a listen.

Picturehouse Podcast 34: Down The Rabbit Hole by Picturehouses


  1. I'm not sure 'finessed' is the right word. You shouted out 'SNYDER-MAN, SYNDER-MAN!' as we were changing subject.

    I might find just that audio and post it, just for you!

  2. So the unflappable Incredulous Swede pods a picturehouse podcast. I got to the bit where TIS offers profuse thanks for the hospitality water and responds in equal measure by offering to review films he has not seen. At this point I decided my life could not be enriched any more.

    Rather than be a greedy pig I decided to let someone else listen to the full 40 minutes and 29 seconds and content myself with the shiny pearls already cast before me.

    Oink Oink

  3. http://tinyurl.com/4cyetv5 is an exclusive for the 500th Post. 3D without glasses.

    There is nothing like a blog that carries comprehensive up to date reviews of all the films about to be shown on our cinema screens, and The Incredible Suit is nothing like that at all.

    How amazing to have made 500 posts like yours without being sued or at least being told that The Incredible Suit may not in future need the full quota of arms, legs or even a zip.

  4. Here's the short 19 second version of the podcast, just for you Tony!


  5. Sam Clements, I am much obliged for the abridged, savouring the sample and masticating the pea in the podcast.

    The otherwise teflon coated Suit seemed to have travelled snydways into his own web of hysterical hysteria like a hurried hyena howling with a hurting haematomic hernia.