Monday, 21 February 2011

I Can't Wait To Say I Saw I Saw The Devil

At a time when even trailers for films like X-Men: First Class and Thor fail to push my heart rate above its usual seven or eight beats per minute, it's worth noting a new trailer that's so ludicrously exciting that I had to have serious words with myself for not seeing it at the London Korean Film Festival last year when I had the chance. Idiot.

I Saw The Devil is a new (stand by for possible favourite genre) Korean Revenge Thriller from Kim Ji-woon, who made the deeply unsettling A Tale Of Two Sisters in 2003 and the frankly a bit rubbs The Good, The Bad, The Weird in 2008. The quality of a director's films is irrelevant, however, when his IMDb profile picture looks like this:
Sadly that's more to do with the IMDb's formatting than a conscious decision to frame yourself almost entirely out of your own photo, but still: Amazing.

So here's the trailer that's got my trousers aroused, followed by six stills chosen from it completely at random to illustrate how fantastic it is in case you're a bit thick and can't tell.

The cop's phone has this incredible but pointless
posterisation feature when he takes a photo!
Granted, that's not very exciting. But it is very, very cool.

He kicks a dude in the chops even though
he's wearing a motorcycle helmet!
This kind of thing is going to hurt the kicker more than the kickee, I'd wager. Still, BOOM!

The subtitles aren't anchored to
the bottom centre of the frame!
I love this kind of shit.

Choi Min-sik is ROCKING the slicked
back hair, aviators and glowing cigarette!
Hard to believe this is the same guy who looked like he was permanently plugged into the mains in Oldboy.

How about that bit where the trailer
went all breaky uppy and jumpy?!
I love this kind of shit even more than the subtitles thing.

There's that bit with a scalpel, an Achilles
tendon and a horrible sound effect!
 I don't know how I'm going to keep my eyes open or my lunch down for this bit.

And if that isn't enough to make you inadvertently blow a hole in the front of your pants, check out this mofo:
Yummy. See you on April 29th.


  1. It's first and last thirds are pretty good, but the middle is just do a, then b, then c, back to a, then b, then c, looped back to a, then b, then c, followed by going to a, th.....

  2. Don't tell me you got an invite? I had no idea you moved in such circles!

  3. If anybody from Scotland reads this Incredible shit, I Saw the Devil is playing at the Glasgow Film Festival on Friday night.

  4. Slight typo in your comment there Simon. You accisentally wrote "shit", you silly billy!

  5. After a trailer like that I don't want to see the film. All the best bits got used up already. The film itself will just be the padding in bewteen.

    I hate trailers. You do not get trailers for your personal life, so to see ahead in a film story destroys it. I would ban them if I could. The posters are bad enough; The Incredible Suit can write a whole review after just one glance.

    By the way, if you really do want to see the devil and go to a screening then study all the credits with great care. Every single one.
    The devil is in the detail.

  6. The achilles tendon bit has already been done in Pet Semetary to poor Herman Munster!


  8. Uma Therman cuts an achilles tendon in Kill Bill when escaping from her coma ordeal and then drives off in the infamous 'Pussy Wagon'.