Saturday 12 February 2011

Saturday Playlist #19: John Powell

If I had a pound for everyone who's ever emailed me and said "Why haven't you done a John Powell playlist yet? Love, Simon Renshaw" then I'd have a pound. You may be aware of Simon's work from the ROFLacious Picturehouse Podcasts he does with his young ward Sam Clements, but what you may not know is that a) he's the world's biggest John Powell fan and b) he owns Europe's largest collection of identical blue jumpers.

So what better way to silence his foul whining than to get him to compile the playlist himself and pass it off as my own, especially as I know next to nothing about John Powell's work? Simon gets his playlist, John Powell gets a bit of publicity, you get to hear some music you otherwise wouldn't have heard and I get the day off. Everyone's a winner, petit dejeuner.
If you're a bit simple and still haven't downloaded Spotify FOR FREE, Simon has kindly linked to some of Powell's movie tunage on the interwebs, which I include here for the sake of completeness, especially as I dumped several tracks off his playlist for being a bit dull.

"Helicopter Dance" from Rat Race

"Furniture" from Face/Off

"Tango De Los Asesinos" from Mr. & Mrs. Smith

So sit back and do something that pertains to something that happens in the films that John Powell scored, I don't know, train a dragon or something, and...



  1. A superb playlist from John Powell nominated this year for an Academy Award.

    I loved the 'Robots Overture'

    My favourite track is the 'Test Drive' from 'How To Train Your Dragon'. A celtic theme is added to but never swamped as the flying becomes more and more frenetic and strings, timpaniand wind sections pile in with the strings screeching at one point out of control like the dragon. Control is restored and the orchestra settles too. I enjoyed the film and this playlist too.

    Good luck John Powell for an Oscar for 'How To Train Your Dragon'.

  2. Good luck John Powell this Sunday 13th February to collect a BAFTA for 'How To Train Your Dragon'. He is up against four other strong contenders including The Incredible Suit's much loved Hans Zimmer for 'Inception'.

    Anyway this playlist is a winner.

    Will take you to John Powell's 'Test Drive' that may win a BAFTA and/or an Oscar

  4. Funnily enough, I was listening to the HTTYD score as I came here for my Suit fix. True Story.

    And I hope he wins the oscar, even though I loved Zimmer's Inception noises too.

  5. Couldn't help picturing Sir Enshaw dancing around to half of these....which is odd since I've never actually seen him shake his fist, let alone his booty.

    The Bourne, Dragon and Robots stuff is fine enough but everything else made me move on. Hated the X-Men bit and the rest left me wondering how long is a polite amount of time to leave it before hitting the next track.