Monday 7 February 2011

Second Is The New First

The Incredible Suit is celebrating today. Thanks to gaining almost as many votes as Ultra Culture in the Sky Movies Blog Of The Year Competition, I am now the proud writer, editor and tea boy of:

The Second Best Blog Of The
Year Run By One Person!

Like Buzz Aldrin, Scott Of The Antarctic and the egg (or possibly the chicken) before me, I can now proudly take my place in the pantheon of almost-ran nearly men who just weren't quite good enough, fast enough or on Film 2011 enough to be the best of the best.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for The Incredible Suit, and to express regret that I am unable to buy each of you the drink I promised if I won. Although frankly that also comes with a certain amount of relief.

Dr Henry Jones Sr. once said: "In thish short of rashe, there'sh no shilver medal for finishing shecond", and do you know what? He was absolutely right. Nothing. Not a sausage. Still, I take a quantum of solace in the fact that my future, like those of my fellow first-placed-losers, looks peachy.


  1. Sorry about that. I voted for you 40 times with those FB profiles you told me to create. If it hadn't been for me then you would have lost by nearly 100 votes.

  2. You sir are an absolute lunatic. Sorry that you missed out on the top spot. Still you're more than 4 times more popular than me!

  3. What even with all my mass campainging?! You were robbed I tell you robbed! But if you look at popular reality shows the runner up always has more success in the long run. Love you The Incredible Suit.

  4. Back atcha and your mass campainging, whatever that is. x

  5. Sky is not the limit. It would have been a limit. The Incredible Suit is better off being free to breath rich air with his feet on the ground than the thin brain starving atmosphere up in the 3D Sky clouds.

    Awards. Who needs them. Katherine Hepburn won 4 best actress Oscars (the most ever) and never showed up to collect any of them.

    TIS is still the best movie blog I have ever read.


    Well done - I voted for you....