Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Just so you all know I’m not a complete movie philistine only concerned with Daniel Craig’s moustache, science fiction meat and an irrational vendetta against Shia LaBeouf, I’d like to point out that The Incredible Suit will be attending an eclectic range of cinematic arty-fartery at this year’s London Film Festival.

I can’t believe anyone’s that interested, but on the offchance that you are, and that you yourself might be mooching about on London’s South Bank with a leather satchel and an unkempt beard bemoaning the lack of interest in Italian Neorealism in today’s youth, I’ll be at screenings of the following films (foreign titles included for added pretentiousnessness):

Amintiri Din Epoca De Aur (Tales From The Golden Age)
Double Take
Madeo (Mother)
Un Prophète (A Prophet)

If you’re going to see any of those puppies, why not identify yourself as a fan of The Incredible Suit by wearing an incredible suit, or better still, standing up in the auditorium just before the film starts and shouting “All hail The Incredible Suit!” at high volume? Actually don’t do that, you’ll make everyone else cross and they won’t enjoy the film because they’ll be worrying that you’ll make another unintelligible outburst at any moment.

Anyway. I’m most looking forward to Double Take, Mother and A Prophet so I’ll let you know what I thought about them because I can tell you’re desperate to know. Who knows, The Incredible Suit might even make it onto a poster with a snappy quote. “This film is alright but goes on a bit”, something like that.

Just in case you weren’t sure how pretentious the London Film Festival can be, check out the BFI’s trailer for it. It firmly sets the pompous defence readiness condition at POMDEFCON 1, which as we all know represents the expectation of actual imminent attack from ageing, ponytailed, brandy-drinking film lecturers wielding sandals and battered copies of Cahiers Du Cinéma.

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  1. I am SO there. Looks mega!

  2. Of course you're there Sandra you daft bat, you're the Artistic Director of the BFI. Although I have some extra tickets if you want to sit by me ;-)