Monday 28 September 2009


Warning: A rudimentary knowledge of Twitter and its distinctive linguistic and syntactic idiosyncracies may be an advantage in understanding this post. If you’re having difficulty, why not ask a small child to translate?

7,055 Twitter users would have seen this last Friday:

Which is pretty much the second most awesome thing on the internet. Just to reiterate, that's THE BBC calling this an EXCELLENT MOVIE BLOG, which means I can now sit back and churn out a load of third rate bellyfluff, as opposed to the second rate bellyfluff I've been churning out thus far, knowing that I've finally made it. The Incredible Suit looks forward to similar tweets in the future:

I’ve honestly no idea what they’re on about.

In further Twitter news, The Incredible Suit has gone all multi-platform, or something. If I can’t be bothered to review a film at tedious length on the blog, I’ll bung a bite-sized reviewette on Twitter that’ll take about four seconds to read because I know how busy we all are these days. It’s just an experiment, probably one doomed to hideous failure like that of poor old Henry Frankenstein, except I’m hoping my tweets won’t chuck little girls in the lake or try to kill me. Still, stranger things have happened.

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